Special Gifts

  • Contributions to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation are accepted in memory of Sigma Alpha Mu fratres, family and friends, and also to honor living members. Acknowledgements are sent and contributions of $25 or more are published on the Foundation's website and in the Octagonian.  Donations are used to support the Foundation's mission.


    If you wish to establish a permanent endowment in memory of or in honor of an individual or group of individuals please contact Foundation Director Aaron Girson at aarong@sam-fdn.org.


    Special contributions may be mailed the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation, 8701 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46268; or click below to make a secure gift online.



  • Honor and Memorial Contributions
    December 2019 to May 2020




    David L. Balas (Miami, OH, ’71)
    By Philip E. Balas (Miami, OH, ‘71)


    Harold Brandman
    To the Harold Brandman Scholarship Fund
    By Edward M. Brandman (Rutgers, ’87)

    Andrew C. Dickson (Washington University MO, ‘83)
    To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund
    By Stephen M. Alpart (Washington University MO, ‘82)
    By Risa Dickson
    By Elana Grissom

    Jordan Alexander Feiner
    By Linmor B. Feiner (Texas, ’59)

    Stephen S. Friedman (Drexel, ‘65)
    By Gerald A. Grossman (Drexel, ’65)

    Charles E. Gettleman (Rutgers, ’34)
    To the Charles E. Gettleman Scholarship Fund
    By Lawrence Gettleman (Rutgers, ’59)

    Gary I. Gotlieb (Texas, ‘86)
    To the Gary Gotlieb Scholarship Fund
    By Roger A. Baumann (Texas, )
    By Keith E. Fern (Texas, ‘86)
    By Kevin W. Margolis (Texas, ‘86)
    By Marty A. Shellist (Texas, ’86)

    Stuart I. Greenberg (Toledo, ‘66)
    By R. Thomas Weeks (Toledo, ‘ 66)

    Kenneth N. Ishida (UC Berkeley, 96)

    By Derrick D. Chi (UC Berkeley, ‘96)

    Lawrence Katchen (Cornell, ‘43), Sanford M. Reiss (Cornell, ’42), and Alvin Silverman (Cornell, ’42)
    By Stanley F. Reiter (Cornell, ’42)

    Jerry S. Kustin (Toledo, ’61)
    By Leslie R. Greenberg (Toledo, ’61)

    Dr. Howard Levinsky (Wisconsin, ’69)
    By Dean B. Zemel (Wisconsin, ‘69)

    Martin (Marty) B. Levinson (Texas, ’84)
    To the Marty Levinson Memorial Scholarship
    By Howard L. Abrams (Texas, ’84)
    By Beeri Amiel (Texas, ’09)
    By Jeffrey M. Becker (Texas, ’84)
    By Bruce E. Bernstein (Texas, ’71)
    By Jordan T. Bookstaff (Texas, ’10)
    By Michael P. Cohodes (Texas, ’09)
    By Jeffrey A. Davidoff (Texas, ’09)
    By Mark C. Diamond (Texas, ’84)
    By Ruben D. Dickter (Texas, ’84)
    By Liam Q. Duggan (Texas, ’16)
    By Ernest A. Eisenberg (Texas, ’02)
    By Jonathan A. Epstein (Texas, ’82)
    By Richard E. Epstein (Texas, ’85)
    By Robert A. Epstein (Texas, ’84)
    By Steven J. Frachtman (Texas, ’98)
    By Todd I. Galanti (Texas, ’98)
    By Garrett W. Glaser (Texas, ’85)
    By David N. Goldstein (Texas, ‘73)
    By David A. Golman (Texas, ‘84)
    By Mark E. Golman (Texas, ’80)
    By J. Bradley Greenblum (Texas, ‘76)
    By Ryan K. Griffin (Texas, ’00)
    By Robert G. Guller (Texas, ’86)
    By Ronald A. Hecht (Texas, ’82)
    By Daniel K. Heller (Texas, ’08)
    By Michael K. Hurst (Texas, ’84)
    By David S. Kahn (Texas, ’85)
    By Arthur H. Kay (Texas, ‘82)
    By Roger D. Kirstein (Texas, ’82)
    By Barry A. Kobren (Texas, ’81)
    By Suzanne and Bill Koen
    By Tammy Koen
    By Samuel B. Lee (Texas, ’02)
    By Mark D. Lehman (Texas, ’84)
    By Michael D. Lore (Texas, ’85)
    By Kevin W. Margolis (Texas, ‘86)
    By David B. Nathan (Texas, ‘98)
    By William E. Orgel (Texas, ‘82)
    By Kase A. Pappert (Texas, ‘13)
    By Robert B. Piller (Texas, 82)

    By Steven P. Peskind (Texas, ’81)
    By Mark N. Reiter (Texas, ’82)
    By Samuel J. Ribak (Texas, ’82)
    By Edward H. Rosenwasser (Texas, ‘83)
    By Felix Schigel (Texas, ‘16)
    By David K. Schneider (Texas, ’82)
    By Gary B. Schneider (Texas, ‘09)
    By Jack A. Schwartz (Texas, ’82)
    By Larry L. Shosid (Texas, ’82)
    By Scott B. Teller (Texas, ’82)
    By Jason Steinberg
    By Stephen B. Todes (Texas, ’82)
    By Andrew J. Wilk (Texas, ‘82)
    By Jerold Winograd (Texas, ‘82)

    Jeffrey Scott Levy (Texas, ‘81)
    To the Jeff Levy Sigma Theta Scholarship Fund
    By his sister, Jessica Meyer and her husband, Mike Meyer

    Donald A. Loren (Purdue, ‘42)
    By Jeffery Loren

    Henry L. Luskey (Texas, ’67)
    By Lewis D. Schwartz (Texas, ’67)

    Jerry Miller (Miami OH, ’76)
    By Ryan T. Cliver (Miami OH, ’16)
    By Jonathan S. Stern (Miami OH, ’80)

    Jay M. Morgenstern (Long Island University, ’67)
    By Ellen Morgenstern

    Gordon C. Phillips (UC Berkeley, ’49)
    By Jerome K. Porter (UC Berkeley, ‘51)

    Bob S. Platt (San Jose State, ’66)
    By John H. Moyer (San Jose State, ’70)

    Ronald W. Rapchik (Long Island University, ‘66)
    To the Ron Raphick/Mu Phi Alumni Scholarship Fund
    By Howard Rapp (Long Island University, ’67)

    Jack Rogers (North Carolina State, ’74)
    By Kimberly Davis

    Donald Scharg, brother of Fra Henry M. Scharg (Eastern Michigan, '68)
    By Andrew A. Dunsky (The Ohio State U., ’82)

    William P. Schwartz (Oklahoma, ’44)
    ΣAM Executive Director Emeritus
    By William L. Frischman (Miami OH, ’74)
    By Laurence Schor (Southern Methodist University, ’61)


    Elliot J. Seley (Cornell, ’57)
    By Dr. Donald E. Milsten (Cornell, ’57)

    Sigma Omega Deceased Brothers from 1957-1961
    By Alan H. Altman (North Carolina State, ‘58)

    Bernard M. Silverman (Illinois, ’33), Dr. Robert A. Sills (Illinois, ’38)
    By Frederick L. Silverman (Southern Methodist University, ’65)

    Anthony M. Straus (Minnesota, ‘55)
    By Manly A. Zimmerman (Manitoba, ‘49)

    Theta Alumni Who Passed in 2019
    By Alan C. Thomas (Pennsylvania, ’78)

    Barry A. Wax (Tulane, ’66)
    By Jon D. Wax (Tulane, ’90)

    Karen Weingart
    By Richard M. Weingart (Baruch College, ’66)

    Claude E. White, (Rutgers, ’68)
    By Martin P. Rosensweig (Rutgers, ‘70)

    Lee Wolkowitz
    By Edward M. Wolkowitz (California State University, ’68)




    Lucy Aronoff
    By Stuart B. Aronoff (University of California-Berkley, ’51)

    My Brothers in Rho Class of ’73 (Illinois)
    By Mitchell D Lirtzman (Illinois, ’70)

    Isaac Kohn Claar (Beta Iota, ’19)
    By his grandfather, Robert A. Kohn (Louisville, ’58)

    Mr. Jerry L. Conrey (California State University-Fullerton, ’84)
    By Mitchell R. Geller (California State University-Fullerton, ’84)

    Dr. Alexander L. Eastman (Texas, 93)
    By Edward H. Rossenwasser (Texas, ’83)

    Madeline F. Florence
    To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund
    By Elana Grissom for Mother’s Day

    Kathie Garland
    By Nealy Wheat
    By Dian Eggert

    Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan University, ’92)
    By Faron Lewitt
    By James Hopson

    Sidney H. Guller (Washington University, MO, ’43)
    By David N. Kantor (Washington University MO, ’70)
    By Robert A. Rosenthal (University of Missouri, ’50)
    By James N. Guller (University of Pennsylvania, ’81)

    Harvey Lash (Wayne State, ’59), Myles Lash (Michigan State, ’65), and Joseph Lash (Michigan, ’88)
    By Steven Lash (Wayne State, ’62)

    Mu Psi Class of ‘68
    To the Mu Psi Educational Fund
    By the Mary & Murray J. Berkowitz Philanthropic Fund

    Mu Theta
    To the Mu Theta Educational Fund

    By Benjamin I. Mitnick (University of Southern California, ’08)


    Dennis G. Paese (Cornell, ’70)
    By Jonathan M. Weinberg (Cornell, ’10)

    Danny Pilder
    By Michael J. Resnick (The Ohio State University, ’69)

    Jason E. Rosenfeld (Michigan State, ’90)
    By Glenn A. Saltsman (Michigan State, ’89)

    Kenneth M. Strier (Queens College, ’64)
    By Steven I. Ross (Queens College, ’64)

    Dennis C. Wolf (Washington University, ’67)
    By Michele Wolf


  • Honor and Memorial Contributions

    May 2020 to December 2020



    Bernard L. Dave (Cincinnati, ’43)
    By David S. Rice (Illinois-Chicago, ‘83)

    Andrew C. Dickson (Washington University MO, ’83)
    To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship
    By Elana Grissom
    By Stephen M. Alpart (Washington University MO, ’82)

    Harlean Elkins
    By Brett Elkins (USC, ‘85)

    Sheila Fernandez
    By Donald L. Fernandez (UCLA, ’57)

    John Florence
    To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship
    By Elana Grissom

    George Floyd
    For the Advancement of Fraternal Values
    By Joel R. Permison (Texas, ’63)

    Norman D. Freid, M.D. (Tulane, ’60)
    By Barbara Freid

    Ross M. Garfinkel (Illinois, ‘10)
    By Michael D. Zaidman (Nebraska, '89)

    Charles E. Gettleman (Rutgers, ’34)
    To the Charles E. Gettleman Memorial Scholarship
    By Eric D. Gerst (Rutgers, ’59)
    By The Hon. Robert Gettleman
    By Walter D. Le Vine (Rutgers, ’59)
    By Stuart N. Novack (Rutgers, ’59)
    By Howard M. Phillips (Rutgers, ’58)
    By Harlan J. Sauer (Rutgers, ’60)
    By Marshall R. Sherman (Rutgers, ’61)

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    By Chad A. Goldberg (Texas, ’00)


    Helen Goldberg
    By Herbert S. Goldberg (North Carolina State, ‘48)

    Gary I. Gotlieb (Texas, ’86)
    To the Gary Gotlieb Memorial Scholarship
    By Martin A. Shellist (Texas, ’86)

    Sidney H. Guller (Washington MO, ’43)
    By Jacob W. Reby (Washington MO, ’65)
    By Richard H. Williamson (North Carolina State, ’60)

    And In Honor of Sidney’s Birthday
    By David Brooks (Rutgers, ’87)
    By David S. Rice (Illinois-Chicago, ’83)

    To the Bobbi & Sidney Guller Leadership Development Fund
    By Harvey M. Brown (Washington MO, ’45)
    By Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan, ’92)
    By Phillip I. Glauben (North Texas, ‘73)
    By Oscar I. Goldberg (Washington Mo, ’48)
    By Daniel A. Grossberg (Miami OH, ’84)
    By Rosanne S. Horan
    By Scott H. Kaplan (Washington MO, ’69)
    By Ronald S. Katch (Illinois, ’51)
    By Stanley M. Lefco (Virginia, ’68)
    By Jeffrey G. Mandel (Washington MO, ’61)
    By Nathan C. Margolis (North Texas, ’73)
    By Tracy Klevens More
    By Roy M. Neulicht (North Carolina State, ’69)
    By Marc E. Perlstein (North Texas, ’71)
    By David H. Phillips (Ohio State, 80)
    By Fred S. Seigel (Washington MO, ’61)
    By Theta Chi Fraternity
    By Edward H. Rosenwasser, Jr. (Texas, ’83)
    By Stephen R. Shapiro (MO, ’60)
    By Alan C. Thomas (Pennsylvania, ‘78)
    By Dinah Thompson
    By Robert S. Weiss (Oklahoma, ’75)
    By Lawrence B. Wittels (Washington MO, ’78)

    Jimmy Hammerstein (Baruch, 1915)
    By Sanford M. Goldstein (Baruch, ‘65)
    B. Jeffrey Katz (Case Western Reserve, ’62)
    By Fred L. Forman (Case Western Reserve, ’62)

    Adam Dean Lambert
    By Dean A. Lambert (Nebraska, ’82)

    Howie Levinsky (Wisconsin, ’69)
    By Dean B. Zemel (Wisconsin, ’69)

    Martin (Marty) B. Levinson (Texas, ‘84)
    To the Marty Levinson Memorial Scholarship
    By Steve A. Albert (Texas, ’78)
    By Joel H. Alperson (Texas, ’78)
    By Andrew N. Baum (Texas, ’01)
    By Max F. Beleck (Texas, ’01)

    By Joshua H. Berger (Texas, ’11)
    By Zachary W. Berger (Texas, ’13)
    By Jason Berkowitz (Texas, ’00)
    By Joshua A. Berlin (Texas, ’05)
    By Howard L. Bernstein (Texas, ’71)
    By Eric B. Binder (Texas, ’14)
    By Evan R. Bookstaff (Texas, ’07)
    By Mitchell L. Bradley (Texas, ’15)
    By Cory P. Brenner (Texas, ’98)
    By Aaron S. Brotman (Texas, ’02)
    By Jason H. Busch (Texas, ’04)
    By Brandon K. Chicotsky (Texas, ’03)
    By Justin Cohen (Texas, ’02)
    By Jordon M. Coff (Texas, ’16)
    By Blake A. Coleman (Texas, ’11)
    By Ryan Collins (Texas, ’00)
    By Rodney J. Coplin (Texas, ’84)
    By Paul Danziger (Texas, ’85)
    By Joshua R. Daum (Texas, ’14)
    By Jeffrey D. Diebner (Texas, ’85)
    By Jeffry M. Donosky (Texas, ’84)
    By Joshua R. Daum (Texas, ’14)
    By Jordan B. Dubin (Texas, ’02)
    By Corey E. Egan (Texas, ’01)
    By Adam C. Epstein (Texas, ‘07)
    By Allen M. Feltman (Texas, ’72)
    By Brian S. Feiwell (Texas, ’05)
    By Keith E. Fern (Texas, ’86)
    By William Finkelstein (Texas, ’68)
    By Mark S. Fishkind (Texas, ’80)
    By Jeffrey A. Franco (Texas, ’09)
    By Scott A. Frankel (Texas, ’84)
    By Joshua Frankl (Texas, ’13)
    By Eric Galanti (Texas, ’02)
    By Brandon R. Gabay (Texas, ’12)
    By Matthew D. Gabay (Texas, ’79)
    By Jonathan S. Gansell (Texas, ‘86)
    By Michael I. Garber (Texas, ’01)
    By Gary S. Gerson (Texas, ’79)
    By Jeffrey H. Gilbert (Texas, ’01)
    By Mathew M. Gimble (Texas, ’85)
    By Jacqueline Glazer
    By Kenneth E. Goldberg (Texas, ’72)
    By Hilton N. Goldreich (Texas, ’85)
    By Larry E. Golman (Texas, ’50)
    By David H. Goodman (Texas, ’84)
    By Lawrence J. Gordon (Texas, ’84)
    By Justin P. Green (Texas, ’00)
    By Robert F. Greenblum (Texas, ’82)
    By Drew Gressett
    By Shane R. Grodin (Texas, ’07)
    By Brian W. Hain (Texas, ’98)
    By Adam P. Helsinger (Texas,
    By Jacob E. Herstein (Texas, ’15)
    By Scott M. Herstein (Texas, ’80)
    By Jeffrey M. Hoppenstein (Texas, ’83)
    By Andrew Hoechstetter (Texas, ’87)
    By Charles Hylan

    By David Janco (Texas, ’01)
    By Ryan M. Kagan (Texas, ’98)
    By Jeffrey H. Karchmer (Texas, ’84)
    By Benjamin Katz (Texas, ’05)
    By Gregory D. Kelminson (Texas, ’02)
    By Rick B. Klotz (Texas, ’82)
    By Benjamin S. Kogut (Texas, ’01)
    By Amber Kousky
    By John J. Krass (Texas, ’83)
    By Jeffrey B. Kushen (Texas, ’83)
    By Jake C. Lapin (Texas, ’12)
    By Morris A. Landau (Texas, ’85)
    By Craig Lawrence (Texas, ’87)
    By Harold P. Laves (Texas, ’58)
    By Benjamin D. Lemmons (Texas, ’71)
    By Brian A. Leventhal (Texas, ’11)
    By Jeremiah R. Leventhal (Texas, ’14)
    By Barry & Mindy Levinson
    By Brandon & Brett Levinson
    By Florence Levinson
    By Ilene Levinson
    By Jay E. Levy (Texas, ’84)
    By Howard Lipshutz (Texas, ’78)
    By Brett Lusky (Texas, ’05)
    By Jeremy S. Mack (Texas, ’98)
    By Randall A. Maltz (Texas, ’88)
    By Leland D. Manders (Miami OH, ’72)
    By Justin E. Maio (Texas, ’05)
    By Ari B. Margolies (Texas, ’13)
    By Max N. Markowitz (Texas, ’05)
    By Craig Mellman
    By Morry Mitrani (Texas, ’10)
    By Andrew L. Much (Texas, ’84)
    By Mark L. Newfeld (Texas, ’84)
    By Alan Nirenberg
    By Daniel S. Novick (Texas, ’01)
    By David A. Nudleman (Texas, ’79)
    By William A. Orlansky (Texas, ’02)
    By Adam Olansky (Texas, ’11)
    By Michael Pappert (Texas, ’78)
    By Wayne L. Pappert (Texas, ’79)
    By Joshua D. Posner (Texas, ’13)
    By Benjamin H. Proler (Texas, ’09)
    By Tommy G. Rash (Texas, ’13)
    By David M. Rassinger (Texas, ’09)
    By Evan A. Remer (Texas, ’02)
    By Jeffrey E. Robinson (Texas, ’73)
    By Steven A. Rosenblum (Texas, ’86)
    By Daniel E. Rothstein (Texas, ’02)
    By Jeffrey R. Rovinsky (Texas, ’01)
    By Mark A. Rubin (Texas, ’87)
    By Howard A. Rubine (Texas, ’81)
    By Scott D. Rubinsky (Texas, ’03)
    By Mark H. Samuels (Texas, ’82)
    By Corey J. Schneider (Texas, ’12)
    By Elaine & Allen Schuster (Texas, ’62)
    By Andrew G. Segall (Texas, ’89)
    By Susan Shifreen

    By Barry L. Shulkin (Texas, ’72)
    By David A. Siegman (Texas, ’05)
    By Benjamin W. Silvermintz (Texas, ’02)
    By Marc M. Smith (Texas, ’84)
    By Kevin D. Solka (Texas, ’11)
    By Robert G. Solomon (Texas, ’81)
    By Chad M. Sour (Texas, ’01)
    By Marc D. Spier (Texas, ’84)
    By Samuel K. Spier (Texas, ’14)
    By Zachary A. Stern (Texas, ’06)
    By Daniel L. Steiner (Texas, ’84)
    By Craig F. Teller (Texas, ’84)
    By Benjamin M. Tenenholtz (Texas, ’01)
    By Gordon H. Thal (Texas, ’10)
    By Yevgeny Tunitsky (Texas, ’06)
    By Evan M. Varadi (Texas, ’07)
    By David Weinberg (Texas, ’87)
    By Jeffrey L. Weinstein (Texas, ’80)
    By Harv & Jolene Weisblat (Texas, ’64)
    By Marion Wells
    By Steven M. Winograd (Texas, ’87)
    By Bradley M. Wolf (Texas, ’14)
    By Kenneth Wolf
    By Barry S. Wolfson (Texas, ’78)
    By Alexander Yudovich (Texas, ’02)
    By Ryan G. Zimmerman (Texas, ’11)

    David Anthony Litvin (Drexel, 65)
    By Walter E. Shepherd (Drexel, ‘65)

    Neil Benjamin Peller, cherished son
    By Michael D. Peller (Pittsburgh, ‘62)

    Allen M. Rosenthal (University at Buffalo, ’65)
    By Michael B. Shultz (University at Buffalo, ’66)

    Ralph Santiago (Brandeis, ’93)
    To the Ralph Santiago Memorial Scholarship
    By Alison Ambeault
    By John R. Abercombie (Brandeis, 97)
    By Dan P. Berlin (Brandeis, ’96)
    By Kenneth A. Douville (Brandeis, ’96)
    By Richard M. Lew (Brandeis, ’93)
    By Jeffrey Radlin
    By Jillan Sacket
    By Brent J. Simon (Brandeis, ’97)
    By Ethan M. Susskind (Brandeis, ’93)
    By Steven A. Wander (Brandeis, ’93)

    Jonathan A. Schmidt (Stony Brook, ’06)
    To the Delta Theta Educational Fund
    By Yovan Kumar (Stony Brook, ’15)

    Bill Schwartz (Oklahoma, ’44)
    ΣAM Executive Director Emeritus

    By David K. Sergi (Texas A & M, ’82)
    By David L. Westol


    Carl Sims (Kentucky Wesleyan, ‘09)
    By John P. Glover (Kentucky Wesleyan, ‘99)

    Norman A. Zable (Southern Methodist, ‘56)
    By Phillip I. Glauben (North Texas, ‘73)

    Stanley M. Zimmerman (UCLA, ‘50)
    By Richard E. Gould (UCLA, ’49)



    A Promise To Do Good For The World We Live In
    By Kylo S. Hicks (Beta Omega, ’17)

    Clifford P. Chudler (Wayne State, ‘53)
    By Miles A. Hurwitz (Wayne State, ‘55)

    Barry M. Epstein (Purdue, 58)
    By Joseph M. Alpert (Indiana, ‘57)

    Madeline F. Florence
    To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund
    By Elana Grissom

    Russell S. Golkow, MD (Pennsylvania, ‘72)
    By Dr. James W. Farer (Pennsylvania, ‘50)

    Bradley Greenblum (Texas, ’76)
    To the Marty Levinson Memorial Scholarship
    By Scott A. Grogin (Texas, ’76)

    Alex Hart, ΣAM Director of Growth
    By Yovan Kumar (Stonybrook, ’15)

    Steve Jarmus (USC, ‘74)
    For his incredible dedication to the Mu Theta Chapter
    By James J. Hausberg (USC, ‘78)

    Amy Katch
    By Dana Beth Weisman

    Ronald S. Katch (Illinois, ’51)
    By Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan, ’92)

    Jeffrey C. Katkowsky (Michigan State, ‘89)
    By Glenn A. Saltman (Michigan State, ‘89)

    Isaac Kohn Claar (Wisconsin, ‘19) & Jonathan R. Lustig (Indiana, ‘12)
    By Robert A. Kohn (Louisville, ‘58)

    Harvey Lash (Wayne State, ‘59) & Myles Lash (Wayne State, ‘65)
    By Steven M. Lash (Wayne State, ‘62)

    Lee Manders (Miami OH, ’72)
    By Geoff M. Cohen (Miami OH, ’73)
    By Alan B. Levy (Miami OH, ‘72)

    Hanno Mott (Cincinnati, ’52)
    By Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan, ’92)

    By Daniel A. Grossberg (Miami OH, ’84)

    Burt Newman
    By Rick Halpern (Missouri, ‘65)

    Bob Weiss (Oklahoma, ’75)
    By Daniel A. Grossberg (Miami OH, ’84)

    Andy Weisman (Sigma Zeta, ’18)
    For His 20th Birthday
    By Amy Katch