Chapter Educational Grants

  • Chapter Educational Funds & Grants


    Chapter Educational Funds (CEFs) are chapter restricted funds created by alumni and friends for the benefit of a specific chapter. The funds may be granted to the chapter for initiatives such as educational & leadership development programs, student health, and financial literacy training, scholarships/academic achievement awards, community service or philanthropic activities, updating educational spaces in chapter houses, and grants to other qualified charities.


    What are the benefits of giving to a Chapter Educational Fund?


      • Your donation is tax-deductible
      • Processing and distribution is handled by our staff
      • Funds are professionally managed and audited
      • Direct support of your chapter


    Interested in learning more or making a gift to a CEF for your chapter or a chpater in your area? Please reach out to Aaron Girson, Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, at





    Examples of Chapter Educational Fund Grants:


    • Academic Achievement Awards or Scholarships
    • Event sponsorship with an organization such as Hillel, Chabad or other campus 501(c)(3) charity. 
    • Reimbursement for travel/registration to SAM Educational Programs (% qualifying) such as CLD, DLI, and Leadership Conference.
    • Chapter House study room/library improvements, including wifi/internet.
    • Text books, computers, software, and other educational materials.
    • Grants/gifts to public charities such as the Alzheimer's Association, Red Cross, and local food banks.
    • Speakers/programs for the chapter/campus on topics sich as student health/wellness, academic success, motivation or study skills.

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  • Sigma Alpha Mu Chapters with

    Chapter Educational Funds


    Beta - Cornell

    Eta - Syracuse

    Theta - Pennsylvania

    Omicron - Cincinnati

    Rho - Illinois/Urbana

    Tau - Alabama

    Sigma Beta - Ohio State

    Sigma Zeta - Indiana

    Sigma Eta - Purdue

    Sigma Iota-Michigan

    Sigma Omicron-Nebraska

    Sigma Sigma - UC Berkeley

    Sigma Theta-Texas (Pacey Laves Legacy Fund)

    Sigma Omega - North Carolina State

    Mu Eta - Drexel

    Mu Theta - USC

    Mu Chi - Michigan State

    Mu Psi - Miami U. Ohio

    Gamma Kappa - Texas A & M

    Delta Theta - SUNY/Stony Brook

    Epsilon Alpha - Stephen F. Austin

    Epsilon Theta - West Virginia

    Epsilon Xi - Emory


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