Grant Recipients

  • 2023-2024 Grant Recipients


    Psi at Univ of Pittsburgh partnered with Chabad for a Shabbos dinner & bbq for the Pitt community


    Rho/Illinois sponsored Shabbos dinner with Illini Chabad


    Sigma Theta/Texas partnered with UT Chabad for Sammy Shabbat both in Fall 23 and Spring 24


    Etai Geller at Sigma Theta/Texas traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the March for Israel


    Mi Chi/Michigan State hosted Hillel Puppy Yoga for the campus community in November 23


    Gamma Psi/AZ State partered with Hillel for a Shabbat in February 24


    Theta/Penn hosted a Purim celebration


    Chabad and the Mu Psi/Miami OH chapter join together for a Seder in April 24


    Sigma Omicron/Nebraska perform an annual cleanup of the Wyuka Cemetary Holocaust Memorial


    Delta Omega /Rochester Inst of Technology joined with other group for a Greek Passover Seder.


    Sigma Theta/Texas again joined with Hillel and other groups for the Israel Block Party 2024




    2022-2023 Grant Recipients


    Working with Hillel on the return to the Purdue Univ campus with Bagel Breaks to grow the Sigma Eta group


    Epsilon Xi/Emory partnered with Meor Emery for a Shabbat dinner

    Delta Omega-RIT hosted a traditional Hanukkah dinner for the community

    Rho/Illinois sponsored Shabbos dinner with Illini Chabad

    Mu Psi/ Miami OH co-hosted a Passover Seder for the campus community

    Gamma Tau/Florida joined with U of FL Chabad for a Shabbos dinner

    Sigma Theta/Texas worked with Texas Hillel on he annual Israel Block Party

    Adam Budiansky from Mu Chi/Michigan ST studied over the summer at the Sterling Institute in Israel (photo right)




    Previous Jewish Endeavors Recipients



    Here's an article about a program supported by the 2011-2012 Jewish Endeavors Grants.

  • Bagel Break at Purdue Hillel

    Israel Bloack Party At Texas Hillel