Foundation Initiatives

  • During 2009-10 the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation provided $190,000 in grants made to the Fraternity to support programs like Chapter Leaders Days, Leadership Conference, GreekLifeEDU and chapter visitation program.  The Foundation's endowed scholarship program provided scholarships totaling $112,750 to undergraduate and graduate students.  Our Young Scholars initiative awarded $14,200 to 71 Sigma Alpha Mu candidates that achieved a 3.75 or higher during their candidate term.  Through donations from alumni the Foundation has aquired a permanent home for Sigma Alpha Mu that will house Fraternity and Foundation offices beginning in 2012.  Sponsored Sigma Alpha Mu's Centennial activities that engaged more than 5000 fratres and friends of the Fraternity in commemoration of the Fraternity's first 100 years.


    In  fulfillment of our mission, in 2012-13 the Foundation awarded $192,500 in student aid and plans to increase this is 2013-14 to over $200,000. The Foundation will also continue to support educational and leadership programing conducted by the Fraternity.