• Since its founding, the primary purpose of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation has been to provide financial aid and recognition of outstanding scholarship to student members of the Fraternity. Today the primary source of student aid and recognition are the Foundation's Lawrence D. Schaffer Endowed Scholarship Program and Guller Young Scholar Awards. Since its inception in 1962, the Foundation has awarded more than 2,500 scholarships and awards totaling in excess of $3,000,000.


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  • How to Endow a Sigma Alpha Mu Scholarship As Part of the Lawrence D. Schaffer Endowed Scholarship Program


    Fratres and friends of Sigma Alpha Mu may endow a permanent scholarship award through the Foundation's endowed scholarship program with a gift of $25,000 or more.  Scholarship endowments may be funded over several years by an individual or group of individuals.  The donor(s) may propose criterion for the scholarship such as specific chapter, major/minor, or other areas of interest; all criterion must be consistent with the Foundation's mission and regulations regarding public foundations.  All scholarship awards are determined by the Foundation's Scholarship Selection Committee.


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    Jacob Gordon is the 2016 Helen Schwartz Scholarship recipient. The Helen Schwartz Scholarship is for outstanding leadership of a colony that has grown to a chapter. He is a SAM legacy--his father also was part of the Mu Chi chapter at Michigan State.



  • Nikhil Goyal, University of Maryland