Special Gifts

  • Contributions to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation are accepted in memory of Sigma Alpha Mu fratres, family and friends, and also to honor living members. Acknowledgements are sent and contributions of $25 or more are published on the Foundation's website and in the Octagonian.  Donations are used to support the Foundation's mission.


    If you wish to establish a permanent endowment in memory of or in honor of an individual or group of individuals please contact Director of Scholarships & Donor Relations Maria Mandel.


    Special contributions may be mailed the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation, 8701 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46268; or click below to make a secure gift online.



  • Honor and Memorial Contributions
    Fall/Winter 2016




    In Memory of Charles M. Slotnick (Syracuse Univ. ’46)

    By Laurence J. Slotnick (Syracuse Univ. ’77)


    In Memory of Phillip Dunsker (Cornell Univ. ’52)

    By Seymour B. Musiker (Cornell Univ. ’52)


    In Memory of David S. Douglas (Penn. State Univ. ’61)

    By Larry G. Anmuth (Penn. State Univ. ’59)


    In Memory Jeffrey S. Levy (Univ. Texas at Austin ’81)

    To the Jeff Levy Sigma Theta Scholarship Fund

    By his Sister Jessica Meyer


    In Memory Jan Zimmerman

    By her husband, Manly A. Zimmerman (Univ. of Manitoba ’49)


    In Memory of Warren D.  Klawans (Univ. of MD at College Park ’54)

    By his Wife, Anita Klawans


    In Memory Harriett Korngut

    By her husband, Fred W. Korngut (Southern Meth. Univ. ’47)


    In Memory of Regina and Oskar Gruner

    By Henry Gruner (Univ. Pittsburgh ’65)


    In Memory of Semon Schneider (UCLA ’46)

    By his wife, Lillian Schneider


    In Memory of Stanley H. Rose (Syracuse ’49) and

    In Memory of Walter Rose (Syracuse ’17)

    To the Walter Rose Family Scholarship Fund

    By Marion Reichner


    In Memory of Gary Gotlieb(Texas ’86)

    To the Gary Gotlieb Memorial Scholarship

    By David J. Levy (Texas ’86)

    By Jeffrey S. Bell (Texas ’87

    By Jeffrey Lainer (Texas ’86)

    By Stuart B. Wallock (Texas ’88)

    By Roger A. Baumann (Texas ’86)

    By Robert G. Guller (Texas ’86)

    By Daniel S. Spier (Texas ’86)

    By William K. Feinstein (Texas ’86)

    By Keith E. Fern (Texas ’86)

    By Gary L. Solka (Texas ’86)

    By Kevin W. Margolis (Texas ’86)

    By Andrew J. Sweet (Texas ’86)

    By Eric B. Udell (Texas ’86)

    By Steven M. Rutman (Texas ’86)

    By Gary M. Jacobson (Texas ’86)

    By Marty A. Shellist (Texas ’86)

    By Steven D. Levine (Texas ’86)

    By Jeffrey T. Kaye (Texas’86)

    By Steven A. Rosenblum (Texas ’86)


    In Memory of Andy Dickson (Wash. Univ. ’83)

    To the Andy Dickson Scholarship Fund

    By Stephen M. Alpart (Wash. Univ ’83)

    By Charles D. Hammerman (Wash. Univ. ’82)


    In Memory of James (Jimmy) Richard Alexander, (Southern Meth.Univ ’41)

    15th Recipient of SAM’s Distinguished Service Award, and Past Foundation Director,

    By Lee Manders (Miami Univ. ’72)

    By David S. Rice (Univ. Wis.-Madison ’83)

    By Michael S. Kissner (Univ. N. Texas ’67)

    By Dennis G. Paese (Cornell ’70)


    In Memory of Harold Brandman

    To the Harold Brandman Scholarship Fund

    By Edward M. Brandman (Rutgers State Univ. ’87)


    In Memory of Al Landes

    By William Landes (Univ. MD-College Park ’66)


    In Memory of Alvin Roth (Univ. Cincinnati ’37)

    By Donald R. Misrach (Univ. Cincinnati ’65)


    In Memory of Dr. Steven R. Koval (Univ. of Rochester ’66)

    By Lawrence W. Lipman (Univ. of Rochester ’66)


    In Memory of Carol R. Samuels

    By Allen R. Samuels (Univ of MD – College Park ’48)


    Denzil Naar

    By David Anderson (Texas A&M ’04)


    Andrew DeSantis (College of Staten Island ’96)

    To the Andrew DeSantis Memorial Scholarship Fund

    By John Braccia

    By John Gilday


    Dr. Gary Toback, father of Texas A&M/Gamma Kappa advisor, David Toback

    By Maria Mandel (Kappa Delta)

    By Supreme Prior David Sergi (Texas A&M '82)


    David Rogoff

    By Stuart Rogoff (Wayne State '80)





    In Honor of the 30th Anniversary of Gamma Rho Chapter

    To the Gamma Rho Ira Rubenstein Fund

    By Steven D. Weinberg (UC San Diego ’86)

    By Gary T. Laird (UC San Diego ’86)

    By Ira S. Rubenstein (UC San Diego ’86)

    By Walther De Petris(UC San Diego ’86)

    By Ian H. Taras(UC San Diego ’86)

    By Mitchell C. Shultz (UC San Diego ’86)

    By Scott T. Ford (UC San Diego ’86)

    By Stefan D. Loren (UC San Diego ’86)


    In Honor of Mu Omega Chapter (Univ. of Toledo)

    By Thomas R. Weeks (Univ. of Toledo ’66)


    Supreme Prior David Sergi (Texas A&M '82)

    By Corey Nagelberg (Texas A&M '10)


    In Honor of Marshall Gelfand (Syracuse Univ. ’45)

    By Hubert M. Schlosberg (Syracuse Univ. ’50)


    In Honor of Josh Steinberg (Univ. of Arizona ’08)

    To the Nu Scholarship Fund

    By Milton I. Stenar (State Univ. of NY at Buffalo ’52)


    In Honor Past Supreme Prior, Past Foundation President, and

    Guller Young Scholars Founder Sidney H. Guller (WashingtonUniv. ’43)

    By Joel D. Honigberg (Purdue Univ. ’44)


    In Honor of Chapter Advisor of the Year and Foundation Board Director,

    Jerry Miller (MiamiUniv. ’76)

    By Rand A. Shapiro, (Miami Univ. ’73)


    Past Supreme Prior, Foundation President, and Guller Young Scholars Program Founder Sidney H. Guller (Washington U. ’43)
    By Daniel Puentes (Florida International U. ’13)
    By Chelsie Boodoo
  • Honor and Memorial Contributions
    Spring/Summer 2017




    Andrew J. DeSantis (College of Staten Island '96)

    To the DeSantis Memorial Fund

    By Frank J. Bianco (College of Staten Island '96)


    Andy Dickson (Wash. Univ. '83)

    To the Andy Dickson Scholarship Fund

    By his wife, Gyda Dickson


    Harold Charney (Univ. of Oklahoma ’50)

    By his wife, Yolanda Charney


    Frankie Weiss, his wife of 65 years

    By Martin L. Weiss (Syracuse Univ. ’46)


    Leonard H. Smith (Univ. of Southern California ’48)

    To the Mu Theta Educational Fund

    By Dr. Robert A. Smith (Univ. of Southern California ’70)


    Irwin H. Blum (University of Texas at Austin ’70)

    To the Rosalie & James Alexander Scholarship Fund

    By Allen Feltman (University of Texas at Austin ’72)


    Ronald S. Block (St. Mary’s Univ. ’65)

    By Samuel R. Kalvort (St. Mary’s Univ. ’65)


    Stephen E. Brunner (Monmouth University ’69)

    By Stephen C. Dzubaty (Monnouth University ’71)


    Eric Kornet, Grandson of Dr. Leslie R. Greenberg (Univ of Toledo ’61)

    By Lee S. Dollins (Univ of Toledo ’61)


    Jack B. Hecht (Univ. of Oregon ’47)

    By Harry Glickman (Univ. of Oregon ’42)


    Jeanette and Gruin Tullman

    By Don A. Tullman (Rutgers State Univ. of NJ ’70)


    Nathan Oscar (Case Western Reserve Univ. ’45)

    By his wife, Lenore Oscar


    Louis Pichulik (Tulane Univ. ’65)

    By Michael F. Graham (Tulane Univ. ’65)


    Nicholas C. Lassman (Univ. of Miami ’92)

    By his father, Ira F. Lassman (Univ of Miami ’57)


    Philip W. Dunsker (Cornell Univ. ’52)

    By Robert L. Rubin (Cornel Univ. ’52)


    Marc S. Regberg (The Ohio State Univ. ’73)

    By Neil S. Regberg (Univ. of Cincinnati ’70)


    Irwin H. Blum (Univ. of Texas at Austin ’70)

    By Kenneth E. Goldberg (Univ. of Texas at Austin ’72)


    Joel D. Zieden (Syracuse Univ. ’63)

    By Alfred Kahn (Syracuse Univ. ’63)


    Gordon L. Bluestone (Univ. of Cincinnati ’59)

    By Arnold R. Blitzer (Univ. of Cincinnati ‘53)


    Sanford Allen Youkilis (Univ. of Cincinnati ’62)

    By David C. Weiner (Univ. of Cincinnati ‘62


    Joseph and Sadie Horowitz

    By Clifford Horowitz (Lenman College ’66)


    Joel D. Honigberg (Purdue Univ. ’44)

    To the Joel & Carol Honigberg Fund

    By Carol Honigberg


    Stuart J. Marylander (UC-Berkeley ’50)

    By Stuart B. Aronoff (UC-Berkeley ’51)


    Martin M. Schultz (UC-Berkeley ’49)

    By Stuart B. Aronoff (UC-Berkeley ’51)


    Bob S. Platt (San Jose State Univ ’66)

    By Richard J. Schoen (San Jose State Univ. ’64)


    Terry W. Schnell (Univ. Texas-Austin ’66)

    By Mark R. Wallock (Univ. Texas-Austin ’66)


    James J. Herman (Univ. Texas-Austin ’66)

    By Mark R. Wallock (Univ. Texas-Austin ’66)


    Franklin Gerson (Univ. of Cincinnati ’65)

    By Peter M. Eden (Univ. of Cincinnati ’67)


    Semon Schneider (UCLA ’46)

    By his wife Lillian Schneider


    Dr. Alan M. Bornstein (IU Bloomington ’52)

    By Edwin H. Bornstein (Washington Univ. ’60)


    Harold A. Pollman (Univ. of Texas-Austin ’50)

    By James C. Nordhaus (Univ. of Texas-Austin ’65)


    Elizabeth Ann Bolstein

    By Arthur Bolstein (Rutgers State Univ. of  NJ ‘56)


    Howard Birnbaum (Purdue Univ. ’55)

    By Dr. George Skadron (Purdue Univ. ’55)


    Janice Zimmerman, his wife

    By Manly A. Zimmerman (Univ. of Manitoba ’49)


    Larry I. Kurlander (Univ. of Miami ’71)

    By Dr. Alan B. Levy (Univ. of Miami ’72)


    Margaret Fagenson, his wife

    By Robert Fagenson (Syracuse Univ. ’67)





    The Wise Boys of Mu Theta 

    To the Mu Theta Educational Fund

    From Jeremy M. Wise (UCLA '84)


    The Birthday of Madeline Florence, mother of Andy Dickson (Wash. Univ. ’83)

    To the Andy Dickson Scholarship Fund

    From her daughter and Andy’s sister, Elana Grissom


    The Birthday of Gregory J. Viviott’s (Univ of Southern California ’77)

    To the Mu Theta Educational Fund

    By Steven C. Jarmus (Univ. of Southern California ’74)


    Madeline F. Florence for Mother’s Day

    To the Andy Dickson Scholarship Fund

    By her daughter, Elana Grissom


    The Birthday of Kevin Margolis (University of Texas at Austin ’86)

    To the Gary Gotlleib Scholarship Fund

    By Jeffrey D. Diebner (University of Texas at Austin ’85)

    By Lauren Green

    By Amy Bialis

    By Debbie Tenebaum

    By Karla Jacoby


    In Honor of Father’s Day and the Birthday of John Florence

    To the Andy Dickson Scholarship Fund

    By Elana Grissom


    Michael T. Dick (Univ. of Oklahoma ’62)

    By Joseph B. Silverman (Univ. of Oklahoma ‘62


    The Recent Graduation of Daniel Lee Ivanhoe (Arizona State Univ. ’13)

    By Karen Bever

    By Annette Bouwer Flegenheimer

    By Christopher Fonda


    The Initiation of Aiden Ellant Reiter (Univ. of Pennsylvania ’17)

    By his Grandparents, Marcia and Stanley Reiter (Cornell Univ. ’42)


    Andrew M. Ahitow (Univ. of Iowa ’95) for his service to Sigma Alpha Mu

    By Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan Univ. ’92)


    The Initiation of Jacob M.  Rizick (Univ. of Connecticut ’16)

    By his father, Robert D. Rizick (Rutgers State Univ. NJ ’81)


    My Family

    By Robert M. Turner (Miami University ’70)


    Executive Director Emeritus, William P. Schwartz (Univ. of Oklahoma ’50)

    By Steven M. Franklin (Univ. of Houston ’67)


    Jerry Miller (Miami University ’76)

    By Dr. Bruce J. Tasch (Miami University ’74)


    Howard B. Miller (Univ. of Maryland-College Park ’54)

    By Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan Univ. ’92)


    Richard H. Williamson's (NC State Univ. ’60) service as Chairman of the SAM Endowment Fund

    By Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan Univ. ’92)


    The Birthday of SAM Foundation Director Sidney Guller (Washington University ’43)

    By Foundation Assistant Treasurer David S. Rice (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago ’83)