Special Gifts

  • Contributions to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation are accepted in memory of Sigma Alpha Mu fratres, family and friends, and also to honor living members. Acknowledgements are sent and contributions of $25 or more are published on the Foundation's website and in the Octagonian.  Donations are used to support the Foundation's mission.


    If you wish to establish a permanent endowment in memory of or in honor of an individual or group of individuals please contact Foundation Director Aaron Girson at aarong@sam-fdn.org.


    Special contributions may be mailed the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation, 8701 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46268; or click below to make a secure gift online.



  • Honor and Memorial Contributions
    April 2018 
    to August 2018



    Ronald S. Bard (North Carolina State, ’60) and Richard Schactman
    By Richard (Richie) H. Williamson (North Carolina State, ’60)

    Irwin H. Blum (Texas-Austin, ’70)
    By William B. Finkelstein (Texas-Austin, ’68)

    Jeffrey A. Blum (Kentucky Wesleyan, ’69)
    By Michael L. Sperling (Kentucky Wesleyan ’69)

    Andy Dickson (Washington, ’63) To the Andrew Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund
    By his Sister Elana Grissom

    Leonard Dworsky
    By Richard D. Dworsky (Minnesota, ’76)

    John Florence
    By Elana Grissom

    Elliott T. Friedman (UCLA, ’59)
    By his wife, Sharon Friedman

    Howard Garnitz (Illinois, ‘43)
    By Libby Garnitz

    Gary P. Gormin (Kappa, ’62)
    By Alvin W. Cohn (Cincinnati, ’53)
    By Jonathan D. London (Wisconsin, ’95)
    By Marc E. Perlstein (North Texas, ’71)
    By David S. Rice (Wisconsin-Madison, ’83)
    By Alexander Shkolnik (Minnesota, ’00)


    Christopher J. Killmurray (Rutgers, ‘81)
    By David M. Hutt (Rutgers, ’80)

    William Lester
    By Mark C. Lester (Cornell, 71)


    Dr. Jay D. Lifshen (Miami OH, ’70)
    By Marc E. Perlstein (North Texas, ’71)


    Arnold R. Levine (Penn. State, ’49)
    By Harris Zeitzew (Penn. State, ’49)

    Max Lirtzman (Illinois, ’43)
    By Michael D. Lirtzman (Illinois, ’70)

    Nicholas Anthony Moya (Pennsylvania, ’15)
    By Nicholas Robert Greene, (Drexel, ’15)

    Alvin M. Reifman (Wayne State, ’58)
    By Neil P. Superfon (Wayne State, ’58)

    Ralph Santiago (Brandeis, ‘93)
    By Daniel P. Berlin (Brandeis, ’96)

    Lawrence D. Schaffer (Ohio State, ’48)
    By Michael J. Kurman (Ohio State, ’70)

    Donald L. Shafton (Nebraska-Lincoln, ’53)
    By Michael L. Sperling (Kentucky Wesleyan, ’69)

    Donald J. Stein (Purdue, ’50)
    By Paddy & Barry Epstein (Purdue, ’58)

    Arthur M. Sirkin, (Cincinnati, ’46)
    By Stanley Elfenbaum (Cincinnati, ’44)

    Leon “Daddy” Washington
    By Anissa & Reid Friedman (Texas, 81)

    Janice Zimmerman
    By her husband, Manly A. Zimmerman (Manitoba, ’49)

    William P. Schwartz (Oklahoma, ’44), SAM Executive Director Emeritus
    By Brian H. Abrahams (Illinois, ’81)
    By Dr. William E. Arens (Long Island, ’60)
    By Leonard Axelrod (Indiana, ’69)
    By Dr. Mark R. Axelrod (Indiana, ’65)
    By Denise L. Benson
    By Alvin W. Cohn (Cincinnati, ’53)
    By Mark S. Connolly (Rochester, ’76)
    By Daniel A. Dinkin (Towson State, 84)
    By Cathy Earley
    By Barry M. Epstein (Purdue, ’58)
    By Carolyn Freeman
    By Bernard W. and Elaine Girson

    By Abe J. Goldsmith (Purdue, ’48)
    By Maurice D. Guller (Missouri, ’54)
    By Arlene R. Gurewitz
    By Arnold Himelstein (Tulane, ’64)
    By William D. Jenkins
    By Dustin L. Kalman (Houston ’95)
    By Gary G. Kash (Illinois, ’71)
    By Ronald S. Katch (Illinois, ’51)
    By Michael J. Kurman (Ohio State, 70)
    By Yovan Kumar (SUNY-Stony Brook, ’15)
    By Harold M. Kushins (San Jose State, ’63)
    By Thomas P. Lucente (San Jose State, ’78)
    By Maria Francesca Mandel
    By Darren M. Margolis (Towson, ’89)
    By Marc E. Perlstein (North Texas, ’71)
    By David S. Rice (Illinois, ’83)
    By Edward H. Rosenwasser, Jr. (Texas, ’83)
    By Walter Salganik
    By Eugene R. Schnell (Rochester, ’82)
    By Robert J. Schoen (Kentucky Wesleyan, ’69)
    By Laurence Schor (Southern Methodist, ’61)
    By Susan D. Schwartz
    By Sanghoon Shin
    By Alexander Shkolnik (Minnesota, ’00)
    By Michelle Shorter
    By Stuart R. Silver, Esq. (Virginia, ’68)
    By Michael B. Serling (Michigan, ’64)
    By Michael L. Sperling (Kentucky Wesleyan, ’69)
    By Howard M. Weinberg (Virginia, ’70)
    By Larry Stanton Wiese
    By Richard H. Williamson (Nebraska, ’60)
    By Jerry M. Wise (UCLA, ’84)
    By Kenneth S. Wolf (Cincinnati, ’62)
    By Bonnie Wunsch
    By Alpha Epsilon Phi National Sorority
    By Delta Tau Delta Foundation (Keith Steiner, Chairman)
    By Kappa Alpha Order
    By North American Interfraternity Conference (Susan Kraft Fussell, Asst. to Judson Horras, Pres.)
    By Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
    By Sigma Delta Tau Sorority (Debbie Snyder, Exec. Dir.)
    By Theta Chi Fraternity
    Philip A. Stuart, II (Kentucky Wesleyan, ’98)
    By John William Forte (Kentucky Wesleyan, 15)


    Leonard Schwartzbaum (Penn. State, ’65)
    By Stephen Leeds (Penn. State, ’67)

    Philip A. Stuart, II (Kentucky Wesleyan, ’98)
    By John William Forte (Kentucky Wesleyan, 15)



    Samuel David Barker (West Florida, ‘15)
    By Kim E. Stefansson

    Kelby Dolan, SAM Fraternity Director of Communications
    By Ben DeLost

    Kathie Garland, SAM Foundation Annual Appeals Director
    By Diane Eggert
    By Nealy Wheat

    Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan, ’92), SAM Foundation Asst. Treasurer
    By Faron Lewitt

    Sidney H. Guller (Washington, ‘43)
    By Harvey M. Brown (Washington, ’45)
    By Maurice D. Guller (Missouri, ’54)
    By Joseph H. Nehmen (Washington, ’68)

    Gary R. Gurwitz (Texas-Austin, ‘54)
    By William H. Wolf (Texas-Austin, ‘54)


    The Birth of Hattie Mishala Huston Daughter of Amber and Andrew J. Huston (Minnesota, ‘01)
    SAM Fraternity Executive Director
    By Amanda Sloan
    By Richard (Richie) H. Williamson (North Carolina State, ’60)
    By Bonnie Wunsch

    Fras Huston, Abrams, Fineman, Magy & Hussain
    By Alexander Shkolnik (Minnesota, ’00)

    The Leadership of Andrew Huston (Minnesota, ‘01) and David Sergi (Texas A&M, ’82)
    By Daniel A. Grossberg (Miami OH, ’84)
    J. Squire Junger (Cornell, ‘68)
    By the J. Squire Junger Foundation


    J. Squire Junger (Cornell, ‘68)
    By the J. Squire Junger Foundation


    Jerry Miller (Miami OH, ’76)
    By Jak Groedel (Miami OH, ’13)
    By Zaid Kanaan (Miami OH, ’14)


    The Leadership of David Sergi (Texas A&M, 82)
    By Daniel A. Grossberg (Miami OH, ’84)

    Daniel Weinstein Marsh (Arizona State, ‘14)
    By David Medansky

    Gamma Psi (Temple)
    By Corey M. Glazer-Bass (Temple, ‘10)

    The Charter Installation of Sigma Chi Chapter (Maryland)
    By Howard W. Wasserman (Towson, ’83)

  • Honor and Memorial Contributions
    December 2017 to April 2018




    Calvin Kapp

    By Evan Z. Kapp (Washington Univ. ’73)


    Lawrence D. Schaffer (The Ohio State Univ. ’48)

    By Marvin D. Snyder (The Ohio State Univ. ’51)


    James R. Alexander (Southern Methodist Univ. ’51)

    By Fred W. Korngut (Southern Methodist Univ. ’47)


    Benjamin A. Savage (Syracuse Univ. ‘1916)

    By Mark S. Connolly (Univ. of Rochester ’76)


    Howard Natal (Ohio State, ’88)

    To the Howard Natal Memorial Scholarship Fund

    By his Family and Friends

    By Lee Manders (Miami OH, ’72)


    Allan E. Offman (Ohio State, ’58)

    By his wife, Lesley B. Offman


    Rheta Cote, Lynne Brecker, Diane Ward and Carol Copsey

    By Daniel T. Berkley (Wayne State, ’66)


    Larry I. Kurlander (Miami OH, ’71)

    By Alan B. Levy (Miami OH, ’72)


    Janice Zimmerman, his wife

    By Manly A. Zimmerman (Manitoba, ’49)


    Max Lirtzman (Illinois–Urbana, ’43)

    By Mitchell D. Lirtzman (Illinois-Urbana, ’70)


    Allen M. Rosenthal (Buffalo, ’55)

    By Michael B. Schultz (Buffalo, ’56)


    Harry H. Milkowitz (Syracuse, ‘1916)

    By his son, Michael S. Miles (Syracuse, ’58)


    Gary E. Zinman (Penn. State, ’55)

    By Marc E. Goldfeder (Case Western Reserve, ’62)


    Lee Wolkowitz

    By Edward M. Wolkowitz (Cal. State- Northridge, ’68)


    Philip A. Stuart, II (KY Wesleyan, ’58)

    By Michael L. Sperling (KY Wesleyan, ’69)


    Alvin L. Chester (Illinois-Urbana, ’44)

    By his wife, Rita L. Chester


    Stuart I. Greenberg (Toledo, ’66)

    By Thomas R. Weeks (Toledo, ’66)


    Wheeler Liles (Stephen F. Austin State, 2005)

    To the Epsilon Alpha Educational Fund

    By Clayton M. Sullivan (Stephen F. Austin State, 2009)


    Dr. Sanford M. Reiss (Cornell, ’42)

    By Marcia & Stanley F. Reiter (Cornell,’42)


    Larry Katchen (Cornell, ’43)

    By Marcia & Stanley F. Reiter (Cornel,. ’42)


    Dr. Leo L. Cogen (UCLA, ’39)

    By Harvey E. Cogen (UCLA, ’65)


    Kenneth N. Ishida (UC-Berkeley, ’96)

    By Derrick D. Chi (UC-Berkeley, ’96)


    Bob S. Platt (San Jose State, ’66)

    By John H. Moyer (San Jose State, ‘70)


    Donald A. Sheridan (UCLA, ’56)

    By Gershon H. Fisher (UCLA, ’56)


    Alan M. Eisner (Columbia, ’57)

    By Stephen V. Berzok (Columbia, ’57)


    Philip A. Stuart, II (Kentucky Wesleyan, ’98)

    By John P. Glover (Kentucky Wesleyan, ’99)


    Joseph S. Saxon, Jr., (Washington, ’57)

    By Neal J. Shulman (Washington, ’57)


    Benjamin A. Savage (Syracuse, ‘1916)

    To the Ben Savage Memorial Scholarship Fund

    By Mark S. Connolly (Rochester, ’76)


    James D. Lockshin (Ohio State, ’43)

    To the Anna Gans Scholarship Fund

    By his wife, Shirley Lockshin


    Andrew C. Dickson (Washington, ’63)

    To the Andrew Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund

    By his Mother, Madeline Florence

    By Steven T. Salstrom (Washington, ’83)

    By his Sister, Risa Dickson

    By Stephen M. Emer (Washington, ’83)


    Morton and Jojene Sabath

    To the Mu Theta Educational Fund

    By Judson H. Sabath (USC, ’78)


    Scott Jason Jellen

    To the Mu Theta Educational Fund

    By Robert A. Jellen (USC, ’64)


    John Florence

    To the Andrew Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund

    By Elana Grissom


    Ronald W. Rapchik (Long Island-CW Post, ’66)

    To the Ronald W. Rapchik Memorial Scholarship

    By Howard Rapp (Long Island-CW Post, ’67)


    David Ulin (UT-Austin, '80)

    By Mark S. Fishkind (UT-Austin, '80)


    Robert D. Glick (Pennsylvania, '54)

    By Bill Glassman (Illinois-Urbana, '68)





    Beta Iota ‘93

    By Robert J. Master (Wisconsin-Madison, ’89)


    Executive Director Emeritus, William P. Schwartz (Oklahoma, ’44)

    By Donald E. Milsten (Cornell, ’57)

    By Michael Louik (Pittsburgh, ’61)


    Foundation Director, Jerry Miller (Miami OH, ’76)

    By Eric M. Zeldin (Miami OH, ’74)


    The Wise Boys of Mu Theta

    To the Mu Theta Educational Fund

    By Jerry M. Wise (UCLA, ‘84)


    The Tampa Bay ΣAM Alumni Association

    By Jonathan D. Wax (Tulan, ’90)


    Beta Iota ‘93

    To the Robert J. Master Charitable Fund

    By Robert J. Master (Wisconsin-Madison, ’89)


    The Birthday of Foundation Director Sidney H. Guller (Washington, ’43)

    By Robert A. Rosenthal (Missouri, ’50)


    Joseph and Justin Levin (UCLA, 2016 and 2017)

    By Wayne I. Levin (UCLA, ’86)


    The engagement of David B. Weiser (Texas A&M, 2005)

    By Donald R. Blum (Southern Methodist, ’69)


    Lauren and Matthew Brittsan

    By Leslie S. Leighton (Virginia, ’71)


    Bert Brusso

    By Charles N. Brusso (Illinois-Urbana, ’54)


    Octagon Vice Supreme Prior Jerry L. Conrey (Cal. State-Fullerton, ’84)

    By Mitchell R. Geller (Cal. State-Fullerton, ’84)


    The Birth of Hattie Huston to Amber & Executive Director Andrew J. Huston

    (Minnesota, ‘01)

    By Foundation Director David S. Rice (Wisconsin, ’83)


    Mu Theta winning the Founders’ Cup

    To the Mu Theta Educational Fund

    By Scott A. Stone (USC, ’74)


    The Birthday of his Mother, Madeline Florence

    To the Andrew Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund

    By his Sister, Elana Grissom


    William Danzig (Baruch, '65) 

    By Sanford M. Goldstein (Baruch, '65)


    Irwin Schachter (Baruch, '65)

    By Sanford M. Goldstein (Baruch, '65)