17-18 Young Scholars

  • In addition, as an incentive to support scholarship there will be two awards of $1000 each for the chapters with the most Young Scholars during the academic year. These will be based on chapter size: one for chapters with 40 or more fratres and one for fewer than 40 fratres. These awards will be announced in August 2018 at the Leadership Conference.

  • The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is proud to recognize individuals who earned a 3.75 or higher during their candidate semester and are recipients of the Young Scholar Award.



    The following Young Scholars achieved academic excellence

    and were initated in 2017-18:

  • Sigma Zeta/Indiana Univ

    Jordan Evar

    John Mahon

    Daniel Park

    Michael Schultz


    Sigma Sigma/UC-Berkeley

    Alexander De Taboada

    Aram Moghaddassi

    Kevin Tezel


    Mu Epsilon/ Univ of Miami

    Brian Zittlau


    Mu Eta/Drexel Univ

    Jonathan Miller

    Rajeev Nunna


    Mu Theta/USC

    Erez Potok-Holmes


    Mu Psi/Miami Univ

    Quaid DeLacluyse

    August Lorei


    Mu Zeta/Washington State Univ

    Dara Abounorinejad


    Beta Gamma/Univ of Arizona

    Zachary Biegel

    Edward Schlitt

    Lars Severson


    Beta Omega/Kentucky Wesleyan

    Collin Higgs


    Delta Zeta/Florida International

    Emmanuel Kerolle


    Epsilon Epsilon/SUNY Geneseo

    James Connolly


    Epsilon Xi/Emory Univ

    Spencer Rose

    Joshua Sachmechian